About Knowledge Manager

What is the GCIL Knowledge Manager?

  • The GCIL Knowledge Manager is the Global Centre for International Law‘s online knowledge management tool developed to feed the Centre’s knowledge and information services, and to support the Centre’s research, knowledge management and consultancy programmes. The tool consists of 42 databases, monitoring over 7000 international and national law, policy and current affairs sources on a continuous basis.
  • GCIL Knowledge Manager is able to identify around 1000 knowledge updates per day of interest to international lawyers, and we are currently working on the delivery tools to enable international lawyers to access and use the knowledge we collect.

What does GCIL Knowledge Manager do?

  • GCIL Knowledge Manager has three main functions:

1 Monitor

  • We monitor current awareness and knowledge updates from more than 7,000 global information sources around the clock through a series of automated monitoring tools and a globally-placed team of editors, operating in five time zones.

2 Curate

  • We use both automated tools and our editorial to identify the content most relevant to the Centre’s stakeholders. This includes automated and manual screening systems, based on over 1000 keywords, and a second-level of keyword application (“tagging”) for curated items.

3 Enable

  • As part of our commitment to international lawyers and policy makers worldwide, we are developing new information products and services that enable international law stakeholders to access, organise and use the vast array of information that exists. GCIL Knowledge Manager is designed to enable these services, by using complementary technologies to the services we are developing.


  • Knowledge Manager runs on its own dedicated server. We are currently using an Intel Xeon E3-1271 v3, 4 Cores @ 3.6 GHz / 4.0 GHz Turbo, with a 240 GB SSD MLC, RAID 1 (Primary Drive) and a 1 TB 7200 RPM SATA (Backup Drive).
  • The server runs over 1,000 research queries per hour, screening over 200,000 potential knowledge items a day.


  • GCIL Knowledge Manager is currently only made available for use by the Centre for the further development of its information technologies and services and for research and consultancy programmes.